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Computer Generated Paper (and Sticky Label) Printouts

This section of EEPDwiki is an update of EEPD Volume 13


Once it is accepted that the electronic record should be complementary to and not an alternative to the paper record, it then becomes possible to suggest what should be included in each paper output from the computer system. This is especially important postnatally when, even with a minimal electronic data set, there is potential for significant reduction in the paperwork workload of midwives.

The need is for:

  • A. A Draft Set of Data Items to be included in whatever printout is generated by any good perinatal IT system.
  • B. A copyright-free EEPD template, based on the premise that the better the design, the less the risk of human error.

Printouts are of three basic types:

  1. Simple Printouts e.g. a Birth Notification after each birth, or a Memo to be sent by e-mail to the General Practitioner or Community Midwife.
  2. More complex printout containing individualised Action Suggestions for example as part of the booking summary or the birth event summary.
  3. Incomplete documents for completion by hand, e.g.
    1. At the time of discharge the computer should be able to print out individualised printouts for the community midwife to complete by hand before passing the completed version to the health visitor.
    2. After a stillbirth, a check-list to be completed by hand.

Sticky Labels

The most useful sticky labels for NHS purposes are A4 pages with either 21 labels per sheet (e.g. for patient identification labels), 8 labels per sheet (e.g. for an initial assessment summary to stick into the patient-held maternity record, or a birth summary to stick into the Child Health Record) and 65 labels per sheet for Alert purposes. Where possible, make use of separate dedicated label making devices.

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