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What is PAM App?

PAM is an acronym for Programmed Assistant for Maternity care.

The intention is to create a mobile App for use by any pregnant woman who wishes to take advantage of it.

It has been estimated by professionals in North East London that it could take up to an hour and a half for a woman to answer all potentially relevant questions during the Initial Pregnancy Assessment (Booking) appointment[1]. This is where PAM App could really help, by providing a flow-patterned series of the questions which any pregnant woman would normally be asked by a midwife or doctor at Booking.

On completion of the PAM App questions, the answers can then be printed out, either on a full page sheet or on large sticky labels (e.g. 8 per full A4 sheet); these to become part of her hand–held pregnancy records, (if so desired, also being made available to add to her Family Doctor (G.P.), Community and Hospital Records).

These printouts can then be used by the woman and her midwife/carer/doctor to structure her initial booking consultation, saving time for both of them, and thereby providing more time for individual maternity care (and also potentially saving health system costs and improving the quality of documentation).

Corrections to the printout can be added in pen at any time by the expectant mother herself or by her midwife, doctor or other health carer.

To ensure confidentiality, the answers will only be stored (whenever possible with personal back-up) on that womanʼs own electronic device; no other electronic connections at any time being either essential or desirable.

This PAM App will allow each expectant mother to take as long as she wishes to answer each question and to do this at a time and place that is most convenient to her.

In time, it is intended to make this App available cost-free for use worldwide in any language or culture, on any suitable smart phone, tablet or computer.

All the questions in the Resource Document that have a PAM equivalent are indicated in blue text. The draft PAM Text questions are available here. To see a comparison table of the "professional" and PAM wording of the questions, see PAMQ


  1. NHS London Health and Social Care Assessment page 4

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