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Tag: workload

Cathy Warwick in The Observer

2 January, 2011 (12:02) | Government policy, Maternents, National Programmes, Nightmares!, Patient-Centered Care, workload | By: Helga Perry

‘Midwives can’t go on working in a system where safety is too often compromised’ | Comment is free | The Observer. Cathy Warwick, General Secretary of the Royal College of Midwives, discusses the pressures on midwifery and maternity services. I have taken the opportunity to post an online comment drawing attention to the effect of […]

The naked truth — Bewley et al. 341 —

13 October, 2010 (22:03) | EPR, Initiatives, workload | By: Helga Perry

The naked truth — Bewley et al. 341 — (at least we can spell Grant’s name correctly on this reprinting of our letter) The naked truth Susan Bewley, consultant obstetrician1, Rupert Fawdry, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist 2, Grant Cumming, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist 3, Helga Perry, electronic systems and resources librarian4 +Author Affiliations 1St Thomas’ Hospital, […]

Improve postnatal care – the Cinderella service – NCT

3 October, 2010 (17:21) | Information needs, Maternents, Patient-Centered Care, postnatal care, workload | By: Helga Perry

Improve postnatal care – the Cinderella service – NCT. The latest report on postnatal care from the National Childbirth Trust (click the above link) highlights, among other things, shortcomings in information provision to new mothers about their own health as well as their baby’s health.  Women undergoing interventions such as caesarean section were particularly likely […]

Midwife workloads too high to be safe | News | Nursing Times

24 September, 2010 (20:56) | Nightmares!, workload | By: Helga Perry

Midwife workloads too high to be safe | News | Nursing Times. I wonder to what extent unnecessary or inappropriate data entry contributes to this?

Maternity Services Data Set

23 September, 2010 (13:42) | Audit/Benchmarking, Datasets, Government policy, Initiatives, National Programmes, workload | By: Helga Perry

Links to the NHS Maternity Services Data Set with information on how to give feedback.

Maternity data quality – from the CQC

27 August, 2010 (05:48) | Audit/Benchmarking, Data quality, workload | By: Helga Perry

Maternity data quality. According to the Care Quality Commission (CQC): Maternity data quality   Rationale The 2009/10 Operating Framework identified maternity as a key priority for the NHS. For acute trusts, this means going beyond the vital sign to ensure improved access as part of the wider Maternity Matters Strategy to deliver safe, high-quality care […]

Realistic Input-output Opportunities

23 August, 2010 (04:07) | R.I.O.s, workload | By: rupertfawdry

See EEPD Vol. 6 Maternity & Neonatal “R.I.O.s” also Creating a R.I.O and Basic Sites for RIOs in Maternity Care Realistic Input-output Opportunities (R.I.O.s) – the bottom line The definition of a R.I.O. is a time when, in the process of medical (e.g. maternity and neonatal) care, it is likely to be practical for a […]