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Tag: Scottish Woman-Held Maternity Record

SWHMR version 6

29 November, 2011 (20:13) | Government policy, hand held records, Maternents, National Programmes, Paper Records, Patient-Centered Care, perinatal data, Scottish Woman Held Maternity Record | By: Helga Perry

The latest (version 6) release of the Scottish Woman Held Maternity Record (SWHMR) was made available on November 23rd. Read about it and download all the related documents here. The Scottish Government expects that the Combined Pregnancy and Postnatal Record Version 6 should be implemented for new bookers by Monday 2nd April 2012, with other […]

Hand Held Maternity Records

28 February, 2011 (14:32) | hand held records, Initiatives, National Programmes, Paper Records, Perinatal Institute, Scottish Woman Held Maternity Record | By: Helga Perry

A few prompts for discussion of Hand Held Maternity Records, in connection with EEPD volume 11 section A. How does the All Wales Maternity Record Cofnod Mamolaeth Cymru Gyfan compare with other hand-held records, e.g. the Perinatal Institute notes or the Scottish Woman-Held Maternity Record (the first national unified record in any of the UK countries)?