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Giving “logical priority” to individual care

3 September, 2010 (21:09) | Datasets, EPR, Logical Priority Standardised Q&A, Patient-Centered Care, R.I.O.s, S.IN.B.A.Ds, Standardisation | By: rupertfawdry

This draft is an attempt to provide a standardised, chronologically-based, flow-patterned set of data definitions both for the wording of the question and for the allowable answer options. It forms the first of the two most crucial parts of the EEPD website.

The second crucial concept concerns the need to accept a hybrid system of paper records and electronic records with full documentation of what should happen at each maternity or neonatal RIO (Realistic Input/Output Opportunity). The “Logical Prioritisation” chronologically-based, flow-patterned set of draft question and answer definitions not only helps to prioritise the massive amount of work involved; but also provides a clear “spine” into which it becomes easier to fit all future proposed all additional data items.
The draft chronologically arranged, flow-patterned ”Logical Priority” set of questions and all allowable answers, is therefore the most important part of the EEPD website project.

Realistic Input-output Opportunities

23 August, 2010 (04:07) | R.I.O.s, workload | By: rupertfawdry

See EEPD Vol. 6 Maternity & Neonatal “R.I.O.s” also Creating a R.I.O and Basic Sites for RIOs in Maternity Care Realistic Input-output Opportunities (R.I.O.s) – the bottom line The definition of a R.I.O. is a time when, in the process of medical (e.g. maternity and neonatal) care, it is likely to be practical for a […]