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Tag: information needs

Information Revolution – summary of responses

23 August, 2011 (15:55) | Government policy, Information needs, Initiatives, National Programmes | By: Helga Perry Summary of responses to An Information revolution has been published. It’s a bit worrying that only SEVEN clinicians submitted responses.  Note the comment on page 32 from a midwife on the importance of recording information once at the point of care: “I fill in data online, but the GP also wants it hand […]

Improve postnatal care – the Cinderella service – NCT

3 October, 2010 (17:21) | Information needs, Maternents, Patient-Centered Care, postnatal care, workload | By: Helga Perry

Improve postnatal care – the Cinderella service – NCT. The latest report on postnatal care from the National Childbirth Trust (click the above link) highlights, among other things, shortcomings in information provision to new mothers about their own health as well as their baby’s health.  Women undergoing interventions such as caesarean section were particularly likely […]