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5 July, 2013 (09:08) | Computers are Magic, EPR, Government policy, Initiatives, Interoperability, National Programmes, Patient-Centered Care, Railways versus Roads, Standardisation | By: Helga Perry

The latest NHS England buzzword is IDCR (Integrated Digital Care Record). Guidance, standards etc. have been published in Safer Hospitals Safer Wards – reiterating the desire for fully digitised and integrated health records across all care settings by 2018. It doesn’t allow much time for NHS organisations to submit expressions of interest in the Technology Fund, though – […]

Clinical guidelines: Potential benefits, limitations, and harms…

21 August, 2010 (19:58) | Guidance/Guidelines | By: Helga Perry

Clinical guidelines: Potential benefits, limitations, and harms of clinical guidelines — Woolf et al. 318 7182: 527 — BMJ. Click here for free PDF from PubMed Central Woolf et al may have published this paper in 1999, but I can’t see that anything much has changed in the interim. It is worth a reminder that guidelines/guidance are […]

Care pathway evaluation

21 August, 2010 (16:42) | Care Pathways, Guidance/Guidelines, Protocols | By: Helga Perry

Evaluation study on impact of maternity protocols & care pathways, including adaptation of All Wales Clinical Pathway for Normal Birth.