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Maternal and Neonatal Datasets

See EEPD Vol. 3. Maternal and Neonatal Datasets

The Bottom Line:

In order to create a future proof joined-up computer system, it is essential to start with a comprehensive, open-access analysis of ALL the existing paperwork.

Intermittent short-term, unpaid expert advisors cannot take adequate account of the needs of all stakeholders.

Whenever it is intended that a dataset should ever have any reasonable relationship to an electronic patient record or to be compared with any other similar database, it must first be reorganised until it is:

i)  Logically divided:  Every Mother/Birth Event (once for each mother), Every Baby (once for every baby or fetus), Every Special Care Baby, Every Anaesthetic etc.

ii) Set out chronologically

iii)  Flow-Patterned.

If a dataset is presented without these three crucial characteristics, then

a)  It seems that no-one involved in creating the dataset has bothered to think about its relationship to other obligatory datasets and to any subsequent Electronic Patient Record Database.

b)  As a result, it is almost impossible for clinicians to do any reasonably efficient quality checks.

Rupert Fawdry (updated September 2010)
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