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Hand Held Maternity Records

28 February, 2011 (14:32) | hand held records, Initiatives, National Programmes, Paper Records, Perinatal Institute, Scottish Woman Held Maternity Record | By: Helga Perry

A few prompts for discussion of Hand Held Maternity Records, in connection with EEPD volume 11 section A.

How does the All Wales Maternity Record Cofnod Mamolaeth Cymru Gyfan compare with other hand-held records, e.g. the Perinatal Institute notes or the Scottish Woman-Held Maternity Record (the first national unified record in any of the UK countries)?

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Comment from rupertfawdry
Time May 30, 2012 at 08:37

The most common objection to the paper hand held pregnancy health record is that women do not carry it at all times. One can understand this when as with the St.Thomas version the expectant mother is expected to carry a 72 page document at all times including her intrapartum record and her post natal record, but even the West Midlands/Welsh/Scottish ante-natal only versions are far more bulky than they need to be. So a) would it not be better for explanations to be on a separate document which did not need to be carried at all time leaving only the essential information to be carried and b) when is someone going to do a comparative study to prove or disprove my belief that smaller records are more likely to be carried most of the time

Comment from rupertfawdry
Time May 30, 2012 at 12:37

If patient access to their own record is really a priority why restrict access only to those with constant reliable internet access – which would even exclude me given the many problems I continue to have with internet access.

If I ever go travelling I always make quite sure that I am carrying a piece of paper with a list of my medications/allergies/main medical problems/and any possibly diagnoses.

Regarding the replacement of more of our paper the first step must be for us to document the existing paper as used daily everywhere in the NHS (currently different in every one of the 30 maternity departments I have worked as a locum in over the past 8 years) as specimen pdf pages on the net – as should have been done when we first started to develop NHS IT. Get the paper right first – throughout the NHS – then develop open source specifications – only then start the process of writing the thousands of lines of commuter code required. In pursuit of this I have since my BBC micro days been developing operation proformas for all gynaecology operations + Caesarean. My Caesarean proforma is currently in its 58 edition (OpCS-58a-c-120529) and still needs the wisdom of crowds to get something that can be right both for paper and for electronic use in individual patient care. (with management/audit/benchmarking data invisibly collected as I enter all that is needed to record what happened in an individual patient. I will let you know when my 44 advantages of paper are on the internet for you to download and think about/respond to

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