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Magic and mayhem

24 January, 2011 (16:04) | Computers are Magic, EPR, Interoperability, Logical Priority Standardised Q&A, Paper Records, perinatal data, S.IN.B.A.Ds, Standardisation, workload | By: Helga Perry

Just published in “The Green Journal”:

Fawdry R, Perry H, Bewley S, Cumming G. Magic and mayhem. Obstetrics & Gynecology 2011 Feb; 117(2 part 1): 405-406

In this letter the authors make the case for electronic and paper “hybrids” retaining a valued place in pregnancy care, the classification of electronic data entry by workload and cost (“every extra keystroke costs”), the need for internationally standardized detailed, logically and chronologically arranged flow-patterned questions and answer options and the achievement of interoperability by the sharing of agreed electronic data sets between computer systems (S.IN.B.A.D.s)

Information technology (IT) “magic” (easy access to correspondence, test results, guidelines, appointments and so on) coexists with the “mayhem” caused by lack of interoperability between complex analyzable databases.

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