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Maternity Services Secondary Uses Dataset

21 January, 2011 (13:33) | Datasets, Government policy, Initiatives, National Programmes, perinatal data | By: Helga Perry

This link is to the NHS IC Maternity Services Secondary Uses Dataset. See what you think.

Datasets | The NHS Information Centre.

To sustain and improve the quality and safety of maternity services, good information systems are required to accurately report on the provision and delivery of current services. To support development, benchmarking and auditable data are required to support effective planning and commissioning of local services that focus on local priorities and needs.

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Comment from Hkausch
Time January 24, 2011 at 11:33
The first implementation data set for Maternity Services comprises 153 data items which most electronic Maternity IT systems in England already capture. This includes IT systems such as Euroking (K2 & K3), System-C (eClipse), HD Clinical, Cerner (Millennium) and iSoft/CSC (Protos/Evolution).
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: There is currently NO local implementation funding available to Trusts. In other words, the implementation programme scope sets out instructions where Matenrity Services that “can not electronically capture data” will be expempt to parts of the dataset submissions. This means: where Maternity Services actively capture information on booking and/or delivery in an acute setting, such data is to be submitted monthly. Where there are difficulties in collecting electronic information – such as in community – (either constrained by technology, system capability/functionality or transcription from paper to electronic records, where there are no spare resources) or data capture is limited, Matenrity Services are asked to ‘volunteer’ any information available under the mandate. Please contact, if this needs further clarification or if you would like to be involved in piloting as an early adopter. The project looks at learning early lessons from initial implementors.

Comment from Helga Perry
Time August 2, 2011 at 10:09

I am pleased to note the clarification of the fact that the Data Set focuses on output:
“The Maternity Services Secondary Uses Data Set defines an output standard, which is to be compiled from existing clinical records to enable monthly submissions to a central data warehouse. It does not represent a definitive list of data items and values which may need to be captured for care delivery, merely a subset to which local data should be mapped for national submission and analysis purposes. NHS Services will have the flexibility to adopt any local data collection process and employ whichever IT system that is capable of extracting data in accordance with the output specification.”

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