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VIS – health records initiative in Kenya

30 December, 2010 (13:12) | Data management, Data quality, Datasets, EPR, Initiatives, Interoperability, paediatric data, Patient-Centered Care, Uncategorized | By: Helga Perry


This looks like a very interesting initiative in Kenya. I obtained the details from the HIFA2015 mailing list.  The following is reproduced from their homepage:

Welcome to the home of a vibrant, dynamic and daring generation of African clinicians and scientists. We have embraced the challenge of transforming health services and research in typical under-resourced African hospitals through the use of appropriate technology and informational communication technology. Where no-one would expect electronic medical records and M-Health to take root due to serious resource constraints, we have affordably established ICT networks and written free and open source distributed software applications that are changing the way clinicians practice and how routine health information is stored and extricated from a system of live databases for use in clinical service, governance, audit and reasearch.

In the last few months our ideas, that have been developing for a period of over 2 years, have come into practical use at Thika Level 5 Hospital and Embu Provinicial General Hospital in a number of ways:
  1. Crafting innovative, affordable and sustainable hospital computer network systems
  2. Adoption of free and open source desktop and server operating system to run hospital operations
  3. Written and implemented an integrated electronic medical system (christened ePAR) for use by clinicians at the point of paediatric admissions
  4. Written and implemented a laboratory information system integrated with the ePAR
  5. Established a system to routinely retrieve and compile morbidity and mortality data for monthly clinical morbidity and mortality meetings and to meet other clinical data needs
  6. Integrated clinical practice with machines increasing ease of admission, diagnosis, investigation, treatment and discharge of patients by clinical staff
  7. Integrated clinical service and surveillance activities in order to support the health infrastructure in the health facilities

Our broad vision is to see health facilities serving large populations adopt technology that can ease and make clinical practice more efficient and thus improve outcomes at patient and population level by innovatively coupling clinical service and research health infrastructure. We aim to spur interest among health practitioners to ask and answer questions relevant to the local disease epidemiology, and to adopt and communicate their findings to their peers working in similar circumstances.

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