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Audit, Dashboards & Benchmarking

30 August, 2010 (09:05) | Audit/Benchmarking, Dashboards, Data quality, Standardisation, workload | By: Helga Perry

See EEPD volume 18: Audit, Dashboards & Benchmarking.


Electronic Audit & Benchmarking by Monthly Topic.

Electronic Patient Records already contain far more data for regular audit than is worth printing out in full every month.  In response to the combined requests of all the users the Protos Maternity system eventually printed out 14 pages every month!

This volume will suggested patterns of Regular Annual Audit with a different main topic/focus each month of the year.

Such audits should, in time, involve comparisons, both with previous years in the same hospital (on-going Intra-Hospital Audit) and also comparisons with other hospitals with a similar workload (Inter-Hospital Benchmarking).

More recently the concept of highlighting trends by using what is known as a dashboard has become increasingly recognised.

(Rupert Fawdry, 22 August 2010)

First attempt at Draft Proposals for a Monthly Audit Focus

To reduce statistical variations, it is suggested that all perinatal audits should use Annual Totals for the full year up to 3 months (?) before the date of each perinatal meeting.

A final suggested succession of topics needs to be established following local and national debate. The following is roughly based on the chronology of childbirth:

A. Jan Presenting Population Characteristics Audit

B. Feb Social Factors and Outcome Audit

C. March Screening Audit

D. April Ultrasound Audit

E. May Outcomes from Inductions Audit

F. June Pain Control in Labour Audit

G. July Method of Birth Audit

H. Sep Outcomes for Standard Primip Audit

I. Oct Perinatal Outcomes Audit

J. Nov Staff Workload Comparisons Audit  (see

Once  a national agreement on the monthly topic can be established, there will need to be further debate on the data to be presented under each general topic and how best to present it. Here is an opportunity for debate on EEPDtalk.

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