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Paper v Electronic in maternity shared care

28 March, 2014 (11:53) | EPR, hand held records, Maternents, maternity care, Midwifery, Paper Records | By: Helga Perry

An interesting systematic review has recently been published by a group of Australian authors:

HAWLEY, G et al. In a maternity shared-care environment, what do we know about the paper hand-held and electronic health record: a systematic literature review. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 2014; 14: 52


The authors noted “a surprising gap in knowledge surrounding data completeness on maternity PHRs or EHRs.” So the key question of whether the data are accurate and complete has still not been adequately addressed and answered in the literature.

This review is a valuable contribution to the debate on electronic versus paper records. 

Read the full text on the BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth website or on PubMed Central.




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