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It’s broke already and needs fixing

4 April, 2013 (13:26) | Data quality, Datasets, Government policy, National Programmes, secondary data | By: Helga Perry

Looking at the latest incarnation of the Maternity Dataset homepage  from the new Health & Social Care Information Centre that came into being this past April Fool’s Day, one might indeed be forgiven for thinking that the whole enterprise was some gigantic April Fool. So many broken links, so many inaccuracies. Not very good when you try to view the technical output specification and get  “Configuration error: The mime.csv file does not seem to contain details for this media’s extension [xlsm]. Please contact the system administrator.”  This is supposed to be the centre of Information excellence of health and social care in England, fergawdsakes.  Get your website together!

But at least they are making sure that everyone who visits the Maternity and Children’s Dataset  and bothers to read past the first sentence knows that what they are doing is “re-using clinical and operational data for purposes other than direct patient care “[our itallics] .  We doubt they would be so up-front about this if Rupert Fawdry hadn’t gone to Leeds in 2011 and made his points pretty forcibly.

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Comment from Helga Perry
Time April 4, 2013 at 14:06

I just tried clicking on the User guidance for service providers and got “File not found”

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