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John Prankerd

17 September, 2012 (13:19) | Maternents, maternity care, Midwifery | By: Helga Perry

A little historical diversion for our readers:

The founder of the EEPD, Rupert Fawdry, comes from a long line of medical practitioners. Among these is Dr. John Prankerd, a  general practitioner and surgeon in the 1840s in Langport,  Somerset.

On Thursday 24th May 1844 Dr. Prankerd gave evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee on Medical Poor Relief, expressing agreement with the opinion that midwives should be properly trained and educated in order to be allowed to practice, giving examples of problems caused by “ignorant” midwives. He also raised concerns regarding inconsistencies in remuneration of doctors for their work for paupers, especially when attending women in the perinatal period – a topic on which he published correspondence in 1846 in the Provincial Medical and Surgical Journal (now the BMJ). Two years later, the subject was still being debated in Parliament (Hansard, 16 March 1848).




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