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Is NHS Wales IT going hybrid?

10 September, 2012 (09:47) | Casenotes, Data management, document management, Initiatives, National Programmes, Paper Records | By: Helga Perry

While catching up on my EHI reading, I spotted a report on IT in Wales, The Way of the Dragon, in which Chris Thorne interviews the Head of NHS Wales Informatics, Dr Martin Murphy. I was particularly struck by Murphy’s comments on the role of document repositories:

One of the issues that we have recognised is that the idea you can have a fully structured record for everything doesn’t work.

What we do know is that humans communicate through documents, notes and other messages we send to each other, so it would be very helpful to organise them in a modern document repository.

So NHS Wales is in the process of procuring a document repository system that will act as the legal patient record and work along the lines of traditional case notes.

Do we see a hybrid solution in the making? I’ll follow the progress of this venture with great interest.



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