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Arguments for a Universal Health Record

24 January, 2012 (15:29) | Computers are Magic, Data management, EPR, Interoperability, Standardisation | By: Helga Perry

Blogger Margalit Gur Arie puts the case for more computer Universal EHR magic, raising some interesting points. It’s well worth clicking the link and reading the full article.


Medical Records

Assumption: At any given moment in time there can be only one correct version of a complete medical record for any one person

Fact: Currently, various parts of the medical record are stored at various locations, by various organizations, in various formats

Fact: Most organizations possess unique content, but also content overlapping with what others store, containing multiple discrepancies and various errors

Observation: Using partial medical records for provision of care could be desirable, inconsequential, dangerous or lethal, depending on which parts are missing

Observation: There is conceptually no reliable way to know whether parts of the medical record are missing at the point of care, let alone ascertain the criticality of missing parts

Health Information Exchange (HIE), as its name indicates, is intended to shuffle fragments of the medical record from one organization to another just in time to inform the provision of care. The government and various other organizations are diligently working on standardizing the contents, the format and the means by which medical records data is communicated. Since the thousands of software programs deployed in health care all store data in different formats, using different data dictionaries, different storage systems and different terminology, it is envisioned that each system will have some sort of transformer at its edge that will translate the inner workings of the system before sending information out, and execute the reverse procedure before letting outside information in. Once the standards are finalized, all technology vendors will be building (or buying) such “transformers” and everybody will be communicating seamlessly. Could it really be that simple?

via Arguments for a Universal Health Record | On Health Care Technology.

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