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Animal test firms given your NHS data – Telegraph

4 December, 2011 (10:16) | Computers are Magic, EPR, IT fallacies, Nightmares! | By: Helga Perry

One senior executive at a leading drugs company well-known for using animal testing said: “You can look at the NHS as one massive database with 60 million people in it.”

via Animal test firms given your NHS data – Telegraph.
I have posted the following comment on the Telegraph article webpage:

Yet another example of gullible managers (this time in the private sector) believing that computers are magic. We do not – and as long as we keep on repeating the same old mistakes we never will – have any kind of massive database of anything. The National Programme for IT / Connecting for Health spectacularly failed to deliver anything remotely resembling a national electronic patient record and wasted millions of pounds in the process, so there is nothing to share with any of these companies. We can’t even share patient information properly within a single NHS Trust!!

If these private companies want anything that’s remotely usable, they’ll have to provide a national medical records system that actually works. Dream on. 

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