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Oliver Wright: The potential was huge, but so were the problems

2 August, 2011 (23:23) | Computers are Magic, EPR, Government policy, Initiatives, Interoperability, IT fallacies, National Programmes, Nightmares!, Railways versus Roads | By: Helga Perry

Oliver Wright: The potential was huge, but so were the problems – Commentators, Opinion – The Independent.

More analysis from Oliver Wright on how the NHS IT programme went pear-shaped.

As The Independent‘s Leader says:

The NHS IT scheme will be remembered as one of the great public procurement disasters of all time.


Many doctors still do not understand why this new system is being pushed on them.


Instead of a national database of patients’ records, as originally envisaged by the previous Labour government in 2002, we will have a patchwork of incompatible systems.


Ministers must obviously take a large share of blame. They have gullibly swallowed implausible claims from private-sector sales people about the ability of grand new IT schemes to revolutionise the public services.






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Comment from Helga Perry
Time August 2, 2011 at 23:46

here’s what The Financial Times has to say:

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