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Clinical guidelines: Potential benefits, limitations, and harms…

21 August, 2010 (19:58) | Guidance/Guidelines | By: Helga Perry

Clinical guidelines: Potential benefits, limitations, and harms of clinical guidelines — Woolf et al. 318 7182: 527 — BMJ.

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Woolf et al may have published this paper in 1999, but I can’t see that anything much has changed in the interim. It is worth a reminder that guidelines/guidance are not mandatory/compulsory but merely constitute advice and suggestions to assist action in a specific set of circumstances, based on the best available clinical evidence.

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Comment from Helga Perry
Time August 21, 2010 at 21:54

A “one size fits all” approach is unlikely to be appropriate in many circumstances. As a health sciences librarian, I try to make sure I provide all relevant evidence for clinicians to interpret in accordance with their own clinical judgement and experience.
This also ties in with the next post on “conflicting recommendations”

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