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Northern Territory Pregnancy Care Record

20 July, 2011 (11:27) | Datasets, EPR, Initiatives, National Programmes, Northern Territory Pregnancy Care Record, open source, perinatal data | By: Helga Perry

Our thanks to Heather Leslie (Twitter: @omowizard) for drawing the following Australian initiative to our attention and calling for participation in the review of archetypes.  A number of archetypes are on their first review rounds and some are already in preparation for their second review rounds. Heather writes:

Background information is sparse – can be found here –
If you want to participate, you will need to self-register on the NEHTA CKM (this is under the jurisdiction of the Australian eHealth program, known as the National eHealth Transition Authority) –
1.       ‘Introduction to CKM’ video:
2.       Instructions for registration:
3.       Adopt the archetypes you’d like to assist in reviewing:
4.       ‘Review an archetype’ video:


Looks like a valuable initiative. Thanks, Heather!


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