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Whatever happened to the MUMMIES Project?

14 July, 2011 (23:11) | Data management, Datasets, Government policy, Initiatives, National Programmes, Nightmares!, Standardisation | By: Helga Perry

This is a question that has been engaging Rupert and myself for some time now. All the documentation seems to have vanished into thin air. The following link is to a blog post by John Harris from 2004, written primarily for an American readership, which gives the best account I have seen so far of what happened to the NHS Common Basic Specification, into which the MUMMIES Project was supposed to feed.

Virtual Travelog | Ontology Review 1. The NHS Common Basic Specification. Why top level Ontologies dont work..


See also pages 140-141 of Paul Taylor’s From patient data to medical knowledge : the principles and practice of health informatics (Oxford: Blackwell, 2006),  which refers to Harris’ article.

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