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Catching up on Smart Healthcare Live

19 June, 2011 (19:59) | Computers are Magic, Data management, EPR, Initiatives, Interoperability, IT fallacies, Nightmares!, open source, Standardisation | By: Helga Perry

NHS needs to be better at standardisation, says academic | Healthcare Network | Guardian Professional.

Just a quick catch-up on Smart Healthcare Live, which I attended on June 15th, to which the above report from The Guardian relates. I was disappointed that throughout the day there was still hardly any mention of standardisation of INPUT – standardisation of the interface between systems seems to me to be merely papering over the cracks and is not solving the problem of  what we are actually putting into our systems in the first place and how we are doing it.

It was, however, encouraging to hear Tony Shannon’s talk on how open source solutions are being developed and implemented in Leeds. Read some more information about this from earlier this year . We’ve added the RSS feed of his blog to EEPDtalk.



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