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Digital pens at Portsmouth

23 April, 2011 (08:10) | Initiatives, Patient-Centered Care, workload | By: Helga Perry

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust (PHT) has won 2010’s ‘business impact’ category at the Wireless Leadership awards. The trust won for its digital pen solution, used by its community midwives, and supplied by O2 Health.

The Wireless Leadership awards recognise organisations that have deployed a wireless technology that has made a significant impact on its business.

PHT is using digital pens and BlackBerry smartphones to compile an 80-page maternity booklet for pre- and post-natal care, to prevent duplicates of patient information being created. Administration time for midwives has been cut from 98 minutes to 48 minutes per patient.

This is a News item from the O2 Health website: O2 | O2 health | Our latest news.

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