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Parents views on maternity and early parenthood report published : Department of Health

20 April, 2011 (22:40) | Maternents, maternity care, parents, Patient-Centered Care, postnatal care | By: Helga Perry

Parents views on maternity and early parenthood report published : Department of Health.

A report synthesising three pieces of customer insight work undertaken by the Department of Health into parents’ views on their experiences of maternity and early years’ care has been published.

The report draws together three separate qualitative research projects carried out with expectant and new parents exploring their feelings about the journey from pregnancy through early parenthood and their expectations of the health service.

The report highlights what parents say is important to them and how they experience the numerous highs and lows during this emotional time.

Using valuable insights from parents, including their views on what would improve pregnancy and early parenthood support, the report finds that parents do not always have a clear understanding of how the health service works for them.

Parents of young children see the health service as a set of prescribed interactions rather than an integrated service. Expectant parents identify the first contact with a health professional as an important occasion that should be a positive experience.

This report is intended to be used by commissioners and providers alongside existing guidance and evidence on maternity and the early years.


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