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Category: Audit/Benchmarking

Audit Commission wants new datasets

27 April, 2012 (08:08) | Audit/Benchmarking, Data management, Data quality, Datasets, National Programmes, Nightmares!, secondary data | By: Helga Perry

Writing in eHealth Insider, Lyn Whitfield reports that the Audit Commission has criticised existing NHS datasets for not reflecting what is actually happening to patients.  “Data definitions are becoming increasingly problematical in the NHS.”   The full Audit Commission report is available online: By definition: Improving data definitions and their use by the NHS   […]

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Electronic patient record scheme not cost-effective

18 May, 2011 (06:40) | Audit/Benchmarking, EPR, Government policy, National Programmes, Nightmares! | By: Helga Perry

The National Audit Office has reported that the national electronic patient record scheme, costing some £2.7 billion, has not been value for money and the core aim of providing every patient with an electronic care record will not now be achieved. Get the full report from the NAO Website. See also: Electronic patient record scheme […]

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Perinatal Institute study day 20 Jan 2011

20 January, 2011 (18:00) | Dashboards, Data management, Data quality, Datasets, EPR, Initiatives, National Programmes, Nightmares!, Patient-Centered Care, perinatal data | By: Helga Perry

Many thanks to all involved in organising the study day on Improving NHS maternity information and care at the Perinatal Institute in Birmingham. Lots of interesting presentations, including a progress report on the National Maternity Services Data Set that generated some very lively discussion, and an account of Shrewsbury & Telford’s clinical dashboards. I particularly […]

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Maternity Services Data Set

23 September, 2010 (13:42) | Audit/Benchmarking, Datasets, Government policy, Initiatives, National Programmes, workload | By: Helga Perry

Links to the NHS Maternity Services Data Set with information on how to give feedback.

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Audit, Dashboards & Benchmarking

30 August, 2010 (09:05) | Audit/Benchmarking, Dashboards, Data quality, Standardisation, workload | By: Helga Perry

See EEPD volume 18: Audit, Dashboards & Benchmarking. Summary Electronic Audit & Benchmarking by Monthly Topic. Electronic Patient Records already contain far more data for regular audit than is worth printing out in full every month.  In response to the combined requests of all the users the Protos Maternity system eventually printed out 14 pages […]

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Monitoring healthcare quality in an obstetrics and… [BJOG. 2010] – PubMed result

29 August, 2010 (19:37) | Audit/Benchmarking | By: Helga Perry

BJOG. 2010 Sep;117(10):1225-35. Monitoring healthcare quality in an obstetrics and gynaecology department using a CUSUM chart. Boulkedid R, Sibony O, Bossu-Salvador C, Oury JF, Alberti C. Abstract OBJECTIVE: To use cumulative sum (CUSUM) charts for the early detection of variations in quality of care in a maternity department. DESIGN: Retrospective analysis of prospectively collected data. SETTING: Maternity department of […]

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Maternity data quality – from the CQC

27 August, 2010 (05:48) | Audit/Benchmarking, Data quality, workload | By: Helga Perry

Maternity data quality. According to the Care Quality Commission (CQC): Maternity data quality   Rationale The 2009/10 Operating Framework identified maternity as a key priority for the NHS. For acute trusts, this means going beyond the vital sign to ensure improved access as part of the wider Maternity Matters Strategy to deliver safe, high-quality care […]

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