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Medical Wiki Workshop

10 June, 2012 (12:14) | Uncategorized | By: Helga Perry

Surely we’ve all used Wikipedia at least once. How do we know whether what we read there is accurate and reliable? Well, our friends at UHCW Clinical Sciences Library in Coventry are hosting a free one-day workshop to help clinicians and medical information specialists get started with editing and improving the medical content of Wikipedia. […]

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VIS – health records initiative in Kenya

30 December, 2010 (13:12) | Data management, Data quality, Datasets, EPR, Initiatives, Interoperability, paediatric data, Patient-Centered Care, Uncategorized | By: Helga Perry

VIS: This looks like a very interesting initiative in Kenya. I obtained the details from the HIFA2015 mailing list.  The following is reproduced from their homepage: Welcome to the home of a vibrant, dynamic and daring generation of African clinicians and scientists. We have embraced the challenge of transforming health services and research in […]

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